Chairman's Desk

Mr. M P. S. Kushwah

Today's world is a world of expansion. Like any other field, field of education is also not untouched. Today education does not only mean that which is being imparted in schools a colleges for a few years according to a prescribed course and syllabus. Real education is a continuous process from the cradle to the grave. An educated person is able to get through the ups and downs of life successfully. Education makes a man a good and capable member of society.

Our college is established to impart such education, which will help the individuals to face the challenges of life successfully. The emphasis of the course is on: the student plans how to teach, on a series of sequential education courses that prepare the teacher candidate to successfully confront the challenges of teaching. Our teachers and management are dedicated to give education along with knowledge and skills to the students so that they can prepare such future citizens who can fight the battle of life and implement their knowledge to give various professionals like teachers, administrators, human service providers and psychologists to the society.